Developing Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes and Strengthening Research Networks in Geoinformation Technologies in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan


The main goals of the project are to develop postgraduate Higher Education programmes in Geoinformation Technologies (GIT) and strengthening the links in research and innovation between Higher Education Institutions (HEI), industry and administration in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

Objective #1

To identify research and development needs of Kyrgyzstan and Armenia in the field of Geoinformation Technologies.

Objective #2

To create a Research Node in geoinformation technologies per partner country to promote and harmonise collaborative innovation projects and joint research lines.

Objective #3

To improve and/or update research laboratories of geoinformation technologies.

Objective #4

To train trainers from partner countries in relevant topics of geoinformation technologies that have special interest for regional development of innovation and environmental protection.

Objective #5

To provide teachers and managers from higher education institutions in partner countries knowledge and skills in transversal topics of higher education following Bologna process standards.

Objective #6

To create interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes (courses and joint PhD programmes) that enhance the potential of geoinformation technologies in different areas and degrees and focus research outputs on contemporary problems at regional and global scales.

Objective #7

To foster and strength the cooperation between university and industry in those topics identified as critical for the sustainable development of the partner countries.

Objective #8

To exchange and share experiences and perspectives between two partner countries with similar recent historical background, that are facing some common socio-economic challenges and need to stimulate new strategies in research and development.