GISCA 2023 with GeoTAK session

On May 30-31, the Central Asia GIS Conference – GISCA 2023 was held at Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, with the theme “Geospatial approaches to understanding a changing world”. This year the GISCA conference was attended by about 70 researchers from 8 countries: China, Austria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

You can check the agenda here!

Also, during the second day, different presentations were made in the framework of the Erasmus+ GeoTAK project. Some of them were “GeoTAK project: towards new Ph.D. programmes and technology transfer in Geoinformation” given by Prof. Luis A. Ruiz, and “Identification and analysis of research and development needs of Postgraduate Programs in Geoinformation Technology” given by Dr. Akylbek Chymyrov.