Technical Training and Curriculum Development workshop in Brussels, Belgium

The fifth presential technical training of the project was held at the Vrije Universitat of Brussels (VUB) from December 5th to 8th, 2022, with the main topic “GIT for Natural hazards”.

The technical training was divided into 4 main topics:

  • “Remote sensing for geohazard mapping and monitoring” with practical exercises in GEE and QGIS, by Dr. Matthieu Kervyn, from VUB;
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing” with practical exercises in RStudio, by Dr. Jonathan Chan from VUB;
  • “Rapid flood mapping with SAR images in GEE”, by Dr. Luis A. Ruiz and Jesús Torralba, from UPV;
  • “Photogrammetry, Geohazards and Volcanology” given by Benoît Smets, from VUB.

¡Here you can review the complete agenda!

On December 7th, several PhD curriculum development lectures were given by Hannelore De Grande and Petra Courjaret from the VUB Research, Training and Development office, and Dr. Carlos Machado, from VUB. Throughout the morning, topics such as VUB Doctoral Training program (requirements, duration, organization, administration, etc.), VUB Joint-PhD program and the accreditation requirements for PhD programs in Europe and learning outcomes for doctoral courses were presented.

A total of 19 teachers and technicians attended to Brussels from Kyrgyzstan (OshTU and KSTU) and Armenia (NUACA, ANAU, YSU and CCRA).