In the period spanning Jun 1-9, 2023, a comprehensive series of unfolded across partner campuses integral to the GeoTAK project, specifically Osh Technical University and Kyrgyzstan Technical University in Kyrgyzstan. Notably, members of the GeoTAK project team and esteemed lecturers from the Chair of Engineering Geodesy, Narine Harutyunyan, and Ani Hakobyan, alongside Stepan Khachatryan, a lecturer of the Chair of Water Systems, Hydrotechnics, and Hydropower, actively participated, representing the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The training courses were marked by the participation of leading experts from European partner universities, who delivered insightful presentations on cutting-edge software packages designed for spatial data collection and management. This exchange of expertise added a valuable dimension to the participants’ skill set, aligning with the project’s objectives.

Simultaneously, workshops served as a platform for partner universities to showcase the substantive content of subject programs embedded within the collaborative postgraduate educational initiative. Deliberations on organizational facets, including the admission process for postgraduate program applicants and the seamless implementation of the program, were conducted to ensure its efficiency and success.

Beyond the confines of the workshop rooms, participants had the opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes, including a visit to the renowned Issyk-Kul lake. Fieldwork conducted in the surrounding areas facilitated hands-on experience, with the data collected during these excursions later subjected to rigorous processing and analysis during classroom sessions. This holistic approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, epitomizes the commitment of the GeoTAK project to fostering a well-rounded and experientially enriched educational environment.

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